Seaworld San Diego with Kids – My Best Tips for Visiting

I have such fond memories visiting Seaworld as a kid. It’s where I was able to learn about sea animals and develop a love for them and the ocean! There’s nothing cooler than seeing these animals up close. One of my families very favorite activities is heading to Seaworld. No matter how many times we’ve been, it’s always a good day! If you are planning on visiting Seaworld San Diego with Kids, this blog post is for you! I am a self proclaimed expert and here are my best tips to not miss a thing at Seaworld San Diego!

Best tips for Visiting Seaworld San Diego with Kids

Seaworld San Diego passes

The first thing I wanted to mention if you’re planning on visiting Seaworld San Diego with kids, consider getting a pass. I think if you just go twice it makes the fee worth it. I definitely recommend the silver pass, it includes free parking, one free guest pass a quarter as well as 10% merchandise and food. Some other awesome perks you’ll get is a $10 gift certificate every few months, NO blackout dates and special experiences like riding any new rides first before the public! Another awesome perk is you’re able to ride the Sky Tower and Bayside Skyride for free, when it’s usually $6 per person.

If you’re in the market for a pass to Seaworld San Diego, they usually have a Black Friday Sale that offers buy one pass, get one 50% off.

If you have a preschooler, watch out for when they sell their preschool passes. These passes are offered to the public for free, and once they’re sold out they do offer more for $20. They do have blackout dates and no parking benefits, but it’s definitely awesome they offer an affordable way for families to visit!

Seeing the shows

Everyone’s highlights of visiting Seaworld San Diego is seeing the shows. Seaworld really does an amazing job at their shows. The staple shows that are offered are Orca Encounter, Dolphin Adventures, Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight. I recommend them all! Throughout the year they have other special shows which are always incredible as well! Heads up for the Orca and Dolphin shows, get there early to get a good seat, and yes you WILL get wet sitting in the first 10 rows!

Be sure to download the Seaworld app so that you can easily check the schedule throughout your day. They have lots of fun things going on somewhere in the park like character meets or feeding times for the animals.

Amazing rides at seaworld San Diego

Seaworld San Diego has really stepped up their game in the last several years building some awesome rollercoasters. They now have 5 really fun roller coasters and several other fun rides for both adults, kids and toddlers. My favorite is Manta, it’s really fun but not TOO crazy! Just super fast really! I also love the newish Empire ride.

Other rides that all ages enjoy are the Sky Tower and Bayside Skyride. These give awesome views! Passholders can ride free!

What to eat

Okay, one thing Seaworld struggles with is their food selections. It’s not great! Like most amusement parks, the food is overpriced cafeteria food. My family only really buys the popcorn to snack on, but for meals we leave to grab food outside of the park. If you don’t want to miss a minute of your day at Seaworld, I would recommend Hibisco. It is Seaworld San Diego’s newest restaurant and offers Mexican flavors like tacos, burritos and bowls.

Seaworld also allows you to bring in your own food, which is nice! Something I absolutely love doing is packing a picnic and enjoying it on the lawn overlooking the bay over by the Bayside Skyride. It’s so nice to soak in some sun and look at the view while the kids have a chance to run around for a bit!

Family memories at seaworld san diego

I hope these tips has helped you plan what to do when visiting Seaworld San Diego with kids! My son has a serious obsession with all things ocean animals, and I think visiting Seaworld has definitely helped him develop that passion.

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