Best Enclosed Playgrounds in San Diego

Looking for the best enclosed playgrounds in San Diego? If there’s one thing I can relate to as a parent, it’s being used to running after my child! My oldest son has always been a runner. As soon as he started walking, I realized how sometimes attending the playground can be stressful for parents If you have a child that commonly runs away, you probably agree that you really can’t look away for a second. One thing I am always on the hunt for, are playgrounds that are either enclosed with a fence or at least far away from any major roads. I actually wish that all playgrounds had a fence around them! I guess that would be my first step if I was president one day.

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I’ve put together a list of some awesome enclosed playgrounds in San Diego. I hope that this list helps you find your new favorite spot to take your children. Somewhere where you feel safe and your kids can have fun!

5 Best Enclosed Playgrounds in San Diego

Afton Road Playground

This playground is located in a military neighborhood, and it’s super great! There is free parking around the playground. It is completely enclosed with a fence. This space has two playgrounds, one for bigger kids and one for slightly younger kids. There are also plenty of swings. There is also a tot playground just around the corner if your child is a toddler.

Olympus Park Playground

This playground is tucked away in a nice neighborhood in Encinitas. There isn’t a lot of play equipment, but everything it does have is absolutely awesome. There is a huge slide, a climbing tower and a crazy rope swing. But, all kids gravitate to the giant sliding hill here. Bring some cardboard and let the kids slide down the artificial grass hill. My son could have stayed here all day, and I don’t blame him. It was really fun! There is also a small skate park if you have kids who are into that. This playground isn’t completely fenced in, but there is only a small opening to get into the park, so it’s easy to ensure kids aren’t sneaking out.

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NTC Playground

This playground also isn’t fenced in, but it is surrounded by huge fields of grass and very far from the road, so I feel pretty safe taking my kids here! This playground is located in the Liberty Station area, which I really love to go to! There are two playgrounds here, one for bigger kids and one for younger kids.

Silver Terrace Park

This playground is quite small, but there are always a lot of kids here which is fun. This playground is completely fenced in, yay! It’s also near the trolly tracks, so if your child is a fan of those like mine, it’s fun to hear and see it go by!

Civita Park

This park also isn’t enclosed in a fence, but it is up a hill and very far from the road. This playground is brand new and really, really fun! I also love the splash pad here during the warmer months of the year.

Kensington Mini Park

Finishing out this post with another enclosed playground! This small playground is fenced in and right outside of the library. So this is a perfect outing for you and your kids!

Enclosed Playgrounds in San Diego

I hope this post has helped you find some great playground options in your area! Finding enclosed Playgrounds in San Diego is tricky, but once you find a spot, you can feel so much better bringing your kids out!

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