Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

The temple in Newport Beach is absolutely beautiful and I’m hearing of more and more couples planning their wedding there this year! Since you’re here, you’re probably one of them! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding at the Newport Beach LDS temple. I’ve been a wedding photographer based in San Diego for 10+ years. I’ve photographed dozens of weddings at the San Diego temple, and since it’s closing for maintenance, many couples are choosing the Newport beach temple. In this post I’ve put together some tips to help you plan your Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

Consider the weather

If you are completely flexible on your wedding date, consider what time of the year the weather will be best. If you’re unfamiliar with Newport and Southern California weather, it’s a bit funky and unlike the rest of the country. In my opinion the best months are August-November. It’s still very warm but everything is less busy in general. November sunsets are the absolute best, but that time of year it the sun does set quite early. April, May and June are beautiful times of the year with all the greenery around, but it does rain a lot and is known to be gloomy.

Call the temple

The very first thing I recommend all couples do once you’ve set a wedding date is call the temple and make your reservation. Weekends obviously get booked up quickly. Contact the Newport Beach LDS temple in advance to schedule your sealing. Make sure to check their availability and any specific requirements they may have. They will give you a run down of everything you’ll need as well as help you figure out timing for when to get there and how long the ceremony might take.

Make a timeline

Plan your timeline. This step is Create a detailed timeline for your wedding day, including the time for the sealing, photography sessions, and any other events you have planned. This will help you stay organized and ensure a smooth flow of events.

Lunch Options for Large Groups

Many families choose to put together a lunch for the immediate families of both the bride and grooms family. It can be difficult to find a location with the capability to host a large group, so here are some places that would be amazing!

  1. Ruby’s Diner: Located on Balboa Peninsula, Ruby’s Diner offers a retro-themed dining experience with classic American fare. They have a spacious dining area and can handle larger groups.
  2. SOL Mexican Cocina – This restaurant is higher end and has incredible food and views.
  3. Newport Landing Restaurant: Situated near the Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Landing Restaurant provides scenic waterfront views and a menu featuring seafood and other American dishes. They have banquet facilities suitable for larger parties.
  4. The Cannery Seafood of the Pacific: This upscale seafood restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood options and an elegant dining atmosphere. They have private dining rooms available for group reservations.
  5. Bayside Restaurant: Located near the harbor, Bayside Restaurant offers a blend of Mediterranean and California cuisine. They have private event spaces that can accommodate larger groups.
  6. The Beachcomber Café: Situated in Crystal Cove State Park, this charming beachfront restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a patio area and private rooms suitable for larger groups.

Planning ahead for your wedding

My biggest tip for planning your Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding? Plan ahead! Everything in the wedding industry books ahead of time. Booking your wedding vendors in advance is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and stress-free wedding planning process. By securing your preferred vendors early on, you gain several advantages. First and foremost, you have a better chance of securing the vendors who align perfectly with your vision, style, and budget.

Popular and highly sought-after vendors often get booked quickly, so by acting promptly, you increase your chances of getting the professionals you desire. Doing this gives you ample time to discuss your ideas, collaborate on creative concepts, and make any necessary adjustments along the way. Moreover, early vendor bookings help you effectively manage your budget, as you can lock in prices and avoid potential price increases. So, don’t delay—start reaching out to your desired vendors as soon as possible to make your dream wedding a reality.

I would love to help you with the photography side of your wedding day! One thing about me, I love love! Every part of weddings is so exciting to me, and photographing them is one of my favorite things ever! You can see more of my work wedding photography work here, and if you’d like to hear more about my services you can reach out to me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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