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Did you know that after you give birth, you are forever considered postpartum? Birth and motherhood are obviously such amazing things to get to experience. At the same time, birth can be traumatic to the body. Every new mom needs some sort of support in their life. I talked to Erica Friedman from Erica Friedman Wellness, to get advice for San Diego moms and anyone looking to rebuild and strengthen their body after giving birth. If it’s been 1 week or years since you’ve given birth, it’s important to prioritize your health to be able to live life to the fullest.

Support for San Diego Moms

First, a bit about Erica Friedman from Erica Friedman Wellness, her journey to where she is today and how she helps San Diego women. 5 years ago when she began her IVF journey with her husband, getting pregnant and navigating pregnancy she noticed a lack of support for moms in general. She noticed there wasn’t much provided to her on how to exercise and have a healthy pregnancy. Her birthing experiences were also difficult, so it caused her postpartum experience to be extra challenging for her. Postpartum is a crazy journey to begin with, taking care of a new baby, yourself and dealing with all the aftermath of birth and the change in hormones in your body. The lack of support emotionally and physically was disheartening to Erica, and she knew she wanted to be part of the support available for women going through postpartum.

From her own experience, she has dedicated her life to be a resource and help to new moms throughout San Diego. She focuses on helping women feel especially empowered to rebuild and strengthen their bodies, which is truly a life changing step to take in your life. Erica’s goal is to help you live the life you want to live, without having to worry about what your body is and isn’t capable of.

Erica’s approach is not on “bouncing back” in anyway, rather she focuses on helping you develop functional strength. She truly gets to know each of her clients and helps them emotianally and physically in a safe and private environment.

advice for new moms

I asked Erica for some advice for new moms and this is what she reccomended

  • Book a PT appointment. Remember, birth is a natural (and beautiful) thing, but it is traumatic. Everyone could use some physical therapy after birth.  Pelvic Rehab is where Erica recommended you find a physical therapist to connect with.
  • Create your village. Find people willing to help you as you start this motherhood journey. It could be reaching out to local mom communities in your area or finding a night doula to come and aid you a few nights during those first few weeks.
  • Remember YOU! Don’t forget to care for yourself physically and mentally. Having a baby is a big life change, and it’s easy to get lost in the world of motherhood.

I’m so grateful to Erica for all of this incredible information she shared to help all moms. I hope that whether you’re about to begin your motherhood journey, you’re just beginning it or you’re a seasoned pro, that this has been a helpful blog post for you! As a San Diego family photographer and a mom myself, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for all the moms in my community, and my biggest hope is that everyone can find a way to thrive throughout motherhood.

If you’d like to connect with Erica, you can find her here:


IG: @ericafriedman_wellness


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