San Diego LDS Temple Wedding Tips

The San Diego LDS Temple is located in La Jolla, California. This temple is one of the most recgonized temples in the world. Because of its beauty, is also of course one of the most desired temples for many Latter Day Saint couples planning their wedding. The San Diego California Temple is considered to be a beautiful and sacred place of worship for members of the LDS Church. It holds an important place in the local community as a symbol of faith and devotion. People from around the world love the temple’s architectural style, featuring a beautiful white exterior and gorgeous inner rooms.

If you are here, you might be planning your own wedding day (congratulations!) or helping someone else plan their wedding day. I’ve put together a list of tips on everything you need to know when scheduleing your sealing or wedding day at the temple. As a San Diego wedding photographer, I have photographed dozens of weddings at the San Diego LDS Temple, so I have come to learn how things work here. And yes, also some knowledge from my own personal experience getting married here myself!

Here is everything you need to know when considering planning your wedding day at the San Diego LDS Temple, coming from a San Diego wedding photographer!

Plan Ahead

One of the first things I advise couples to do as soon as they’ve determined their wedding date is to call and schedule their sealing time and date at the temple. This is an easy process, and the workers are very helpful in helping you feel prepared for what to expect and what you’ll need. This temple does book up quickly, so if you desire a specific time to best suit your wedding day timeline, get this marked off your check list as soon as you can.

Get Your Marriage License

In order to make both your marriage and your sealing official, you need to get your marriage license. You can get this from any courthouse in the county. You and your partner will need to show up together, and both parties must present valid and current government-issued photo ID. Appointments are required. Schedule your appointment before submitting the Marriage License Online Application. You will bring the license to the temple to be signed after your ceremony.

Preparing Your Vendors

Not all vendors are familiar with ettiquite and what to expect when visiting the temple grounds. Everyone appreciates being educated so you should definitely feel comfortable giving your vendors a heads up of what they can expect when meeting you at the temple. Obviously, no one will be allowed inside the temple. But, for example, your videographer, photographer and florist will need to know where to meet you after the sealing ceremony is over. I always reccomend having a point of contact given to your vendors. If you have anyone in your group that plans to wait outside the temple during the ceremony, ask them if they can be the point of contact for your vendors.

Another important note for your vendors is letting them know what time to meet you. Typically for weddings at the San Diego LDS Temple, couples are asked to arrive 45 minutes before the sealing is scheduled to begin. Once the sealing begins, it is typically a 45 minute long ceremony followed by about another 30 minutes from the time the bride and groom exit the tmeple (more on the temple exit later). For example: If your sealing starts at 10:00am, bride and groom will arive at 9:15am, everyone attending the ceremony at 9:45am, and you can expect the bride and groom to exit the temple around 11:15am. Every ceremony and couple is different. As a San Diego wedding photographer, to be safe, I always arrive at my LDS temple weddings at least 30 minutes before the expected exit. Or 30 minutes after the ceremony begins.

What to Expect During Your San Diego LDS Temple Wedding Exit

One moment everyone looks forward to is the bride and grooms big exit out of the temple! Many temples allow couples to exit out of the main entrances, but the San Diego has a special exit on the side of the temples for this event. It can be tricky to find and let others know where to be. There are actually two exits, but only one is reguarly used. So most likely you will be exiting out of the southern exit, thats closest to the front grass area. To discribe this area to your family, friends and vendors let them know to meet you on the south west side closest to the freeway. Usually, a member of the family will exit the doors first giving everyone a heads up that the bride and groom are about to make their exit.

Wedding Day Photography Tips from a San Diego Photographer

Now here are a few tips from a photography standpoint to get the best images from your special wedding day at the San Diego LDS Temple!

  • Remind people that you’ve invested in a photographer so no need for cell phone pictures. Sometimes the photos that your guest capture can be very special. So I say no need to completly put them away! But if everyone has their phone out then of course there will be a sea of cellphones in your images, sometimes blocking loved ones faces. And more importantly, when people are focused on their phones they are not in the moment which takes away from the happiness of the day!
  • Spend time after your temple exit hugging and talking to your loved ones who have come to see you. Don’t feel pressured hurry to the group photos. I think this is such a special moment. I always urge my couples to take their time during this!
  • Schedule your sealing time strategically. By that I mean, choose a time with good lighting if possible. Of course a good photographer should be able to create beautiful images during any lighting scenario. That being said, during the bright noon lighting we aren’t able to get certain angles of the temple that you might have wanted without having sun shining in your eyes during photos. If possible, choose a fairly early time in the morning for your sealing start time.
  • Everyone loves a group shot in front of the temple. I like to bring my couples and their group for one giant group picture right after their temple exit. Unfortunately this spot doesn’t give us amazing lighting other than early morning, sunset time or on cloudy days. For the rest of the group images I like to bring the group to the side for better lighting. These are often the photos that people choose to print and hang on their walls. In my professional opinion I believe flattering lighting is important for these shots!

Have A Great Day!

I really hope you have the best day ever on your wedding day! As a San Diego wedding photographer, I am obsessed with all things weddings. I would absolutely love to photograph your special day! Send me a message today to hear more about my services and check if I am available on your wedding date!

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