A Stunning San Diego Engagement Session at Sunset Cliffs

I had so much fun photographing Alyssa and Eric. We chose to head to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego for a dramatic looking backdrop for their San Diego Engagement Session. They even brought along their sweet dog Coco who was a total gem during the whole shoot.

We headed to the especially beautiful Sunset Cliffs for their San Diego Engagement Session and I think it was the perfect spot!

beautiful couple sharing a romantic kiss on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Their dog is snuggled up between them looking at the camera. In the background is a beautiful pink sunset.

We were lucky to have such a beautiful sunset for this session. I also loved all the wildflowers that were scattered along the cliffs. It was quite busy this day with crowds of people viewing the sunset, but we found this beautiful spot and I think the photos turned out so amazing!

Thank you so much to this amazing couple for trusting me to take their photos. I love them so much I have to hold myself back from hanging them on my own wall haha!

couple is standing on the cliffside overlooking the ocean in san diego. The woman is staring at the sun while her partner is smiling at her.

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I love photographing couples in the beautiful scenery we find here throughout California. These sessions are always so special. I love to create a comfortable environment for you and your partner to have a fun memory and of course beautiful images to look back on. This stage is such a special one, and I think having photos to celebrate this new chapter is so important!

happy couple snuggled up with their dog sitting among the wildflowers in san diego

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