Documenting Your Baby: Tips From A Carlsbad Newborn Photographer

Congratulations on your new baby! What a magical, tiring time. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, I know how special these first few months are. Hi, I’m a Carlsbad Newborn Photographer and and also a mom of two little boys. I get it. You’re so tired you might cry at any moment. But when you look into the eyes of your sweet little ones, somehow it’s all worth it! I know you don’t want to forget a single moment of this special phase, that’s why I’ve put together a list of some great ways to document you and your baby as you begin this journey of life together!

Take Monthly Photos

People always assume that I have tons of photo shoots with my kids since I am a Carlsbad Newborn Photographer. With my first, I attempted to take a weekly photoshoot. That lasted a couple months and then it became too overwhelming for me. With my second I was less ambitious and decided on monthly shoots. This was so much more attainable for me and I loved seeing his growth month by month! I definitely think that if you’re wanting a photo project for your little one, this is the way to go!

I also recommend choosing a special stuffed animal or some sort of prop to use in your photos. It is seriously so amazing seeing the growth of your baby compared to the stuffy, and I think it is so fun to keep this item as a treasure to pass on to your little one when they’re all grown someday!

You can also check out Pinterest for more ideas. People are so creative! For example, if you’re a pizza lover you could take a photo of your baby next to a slice of pizza each month, adding a piece each month. By month 12 they’ll be next to a full pizza! Or you could do a flower and by the end of the year have a full bouquet!

Get Some Photos of You Too!

Mom, this one is especially for you. I know the feeling all too well of not liking how I looked in photos, especially in my new post partum body. But I need you to know, photos of you and your new sweet baby is what will mean the most to you as you look back on these times. Years from now, that’s not what you’ll notice. You’ll notice how sweet that little baby looked in your arms. And those photos will take you back! So go ahead. Set up a self timer, take a selfie or ask someone to take a photo of you rocking your little one to sleep. You won’t regret it!

Hire a Newborn Photographer

One regret of mine is assuming I could do everything myself! During this postpartum time, you’re SO tired. Getting a baby to cooperate for a photoshoot is nearly impossible. My advice? Leave it to the professionals. A newborn photographer has experience with posing, lighting and the right techniques to get those priceless photos. You’ll also like how you look better in a professional photo as well, since phone cameras just can never do the scene justice!

I hope that this post has helped you think of some ideas to help document this special time. I would love to help you document your family throughout all your beautiful seasons of life. Click here to view my work and here to get the conversation started!

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