The Best Museums in Balboa Park for Kids

Balboa Park is home to dozens of incredible museums. If you’re looking for the best Museums in Balboa Park for Kids, this list is for you! We are super lucky to get a place like Balboa Park in San Diego. It is such a great benefit to the community and bringing people together. My family loves to go on walks and see the beautiful architecture as well as the beautiful scenery like the cactus garden. You could spend a whole weekend here and still have things to do!

If you’re wondering what are the best museums in Balboa Park for Kids, you’ve come to the right place. Throughout my years of living here I’ve been lucky enough to visit just about every museum in the park. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites as well as what makes them awesome!

Before I begin, I have to let you know the best locals tip! Balboa Park has a special program called Resident Free Days. Select museums alternate giving free admission every Tuesday of the month. Definitely something to check out when planning a visit!

Fleet Science Center

I personally always loved visiting this museum in Balboa Park as a kid! This museum teaches real life science in a fun and easy way to understand. What I love about this museum is there are so many interactive exhibits, so kids really learn and have a great time. They also have a play area that my kids love to play in! Finding an indoor play place is always a real lifesaver. And one that is educational too is such a bonus!

Japanese Friendship Gardens

Yes, this is technically a museum as well as a beautiful garden area! I love taking my family here anytime I have a chance. It is incredibly stunning and my kids love looking at the koi fish. It’s a bit of a hill getting down to the main garden area. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your stroller. My pro tip is to bring some snacks and have a picnic. There’s no spot more beautiful in all of Balboa Park!

San Diego Natural History Museum

My sons personal favorite museum is the San Diego Natural History Museum. This isn’t what most people think of when searching for the Best Museums in Balboa Park for Kids, but I truly think it is! This museum is huge and has so many fun displays for kids to look at. There are also quite a few crawl areas and interactive exhibits. And yes, even a play place! Don’t miss the bug area downstairs!

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Do your kids love all things airplanes like mine? This is the perfect place for them! This museum is super child friendly and has lots of exhibits specifically with kids in mind. Here you’ll see life size replicas of iconic planes!

Listen to the Organ Concert

A super fun tradition you might consider adopting with your family is attending the Organ Concert every Sunday at Balboa Park. It’s nice to sit outside and hear the incredible music. After the performance you can actually tour behind the stage and see how they have the sound set up. It’s super cool to see!

Other Fun Activities for Kids in Balboa Park

I really enjoy walking through the Spanish Village Art Center and looking at all the different forms of artwork local artist have displayed and for sale. This area is also right next to cute little train and carousel that runs on the weekends.

Of course, visiting the Zoo will be a highlight for your family! The San Diego Zoo is located right next to Balboa Park. They have a new children’s area at the Zoo that is so much fun!

You can also take a walk across the street and visit the cactus and rose garden. It’s truly a spectacular area and doesn’t get very busy! Be sure to hang on to your kids in the cactus area. I once backed up right into a cactus during a photo session there!

I hope you have an amazing time getting out and exploring Balboa Park! Since you’re here, I would love to photograph your family! You can see some of my work here, and send me a message here to hear more about my services!

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