A Carlsbad Family Photographer Photoshoot Tips

Hi! I’m a Carlsbad Family Photographer and I’ve put together a list of some great tips to help your family photo session not only go smoothly but also to create a fun environment that leaves everyone happy!

Getting photos done as a family should be an amazing experience! You’re all together in a beautiful setting and looking your best. A family photoshoot should be a time where you can look back on the photos and remember how fun that moment was. But, as with most things in life, it doesn’t always go that smoothly!

Pre Family Photo Session Preparation

Make sure the kids are well rested and fed before the photoshoot. This can help them feel more comfortable and cooperative during the shoot. If possible, choose a time of day that won’t interfere with your child’s bedtime schedule. Most photographers rely on golden hour to shoot, which is one hour before sunset. In the summer, this can be quite late. Fall is a great time to book a family photo session in Carlsbad because the sun normally sets around 5 or 6 PM, which is easier for kids schedules.

Bribery, hey it works! I love when I hear my families talking about a fun activity they have planned after our shoot. It gives the kids something to look forward to! Consider taking your family out to dinner, ice cream or watching your favorite show at home afterwards!

What to Bring to Your Carlsbad Family Photos

Bring along some snacks and drinks to keep the kids fueled and hydrated during the shoot. Be strategic with what you bring, nothing with colorful dyes or anything that might make a mess. My favorite is mini marshmallows! They’re the perfect size to be enjoyed quick but they don’t leave a colorful mess around the child’s mouth.

Bring along a few of the kids’ favorite toys or stuffed animals as props to help keep them entertained. We don’t need to use it for every photo, but it can be a fun prop. I can also hold it to get your child to look at the camera better.

Don’t Stress!

I strive to make your photo session an incredible experience for your family. Trust me in my ability to capture your family in your best light. If kid’s are being wild, please don’t stress. Be patient and understanding with the kids during the shoot. Photoshoots can be stressful for kids, so try to keep things as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Lean into their energy and have fun with them! These moments create the most beautiful candid moments that I know you’ll love in your photos.

Also please remember, I photograph a ton of families and I can guarantee your kids are just like everyones else. I’m a mom myself so I totally get it. Don’t feel bad if tantrums occur! We can always take a breather and play a game to get them happy again!

As a Carlsbad Family Photographer, I hope that this list has helped you feel confident and prepared in heading into your family photo session!

Since you’re here, I’d love to chat with you about helping you document your family with a photo shoot! You can view my work here, and click here to hear more about my services!

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