Best Playgrounds in San Diego

Are you on the hunt for the best playgrounds in San Diego? It’s always amazing to get the family together and have some outdoor time. I love spending the day at the playground and enjoying the amazing San Diego weather! I have done the research for you to find the best playgrounds in San Diego! Read along for a list of some awesome parks you should definitely check out with your kids!

La Jolla Shores Playground

La Jolla Shores is the number one beach I reccomend to families and anyone coming to visit from out of town. It can be quite busy during the summer, but it’s worth it! This is a beautiful beach with places to swim and surf. The view of the cove is amazing! I also love that there is a playground right on the beach for your kids to play. Even on days we don’t plan on going to the beach, I like to come here because you still get that beautiful ocean view! I love the ocean and lifeguard vibes that this playground has too, super fun! There is a big parking lot right there as well as bathrooms and showers to rinse sand off.

Tecolote North Playground

Starting with one of San Diego’s newest and most anticipated playgrounds, the Tecolote North Playground in Mission Bay! My family was so impressed with this playground and how much it had to offer. I really appreciated seeing how many areas on the playground was built to be accessible to people with disabilities. There is a big kid playground and a toddler area. I also thought the adult exersize area right next to the playground was super cool! This playground overlooks the bay but doesn’t have great access to the water. In my opinion this is a win because I don’t really want my kids going into the water here anyways! This is a brand new playground so it’s in super good shape. There is plenty of grass fields all around to fly a kite or have a family picnic. Enjoy!

Maruta Gardner Playground

Another San Diego bayside playground is Maruta Gardner Playground. This playground has tons of really unique attractions. It is right across the street from the iconic Belmont Park and also right on the bay! My kids really love coming to this park because there’s so many fun things that most playgrounds don’t have.

Waterfront Playground

I have always been so obsessed with the Waterfront Playground. It is right across the street from the San Diego Bay and surrounded by the city buildings. It’s a breath of fresh air to come here! This playground is quite big and fun, but what I really love is the water feature that kids can play in.

Civita Park

Wow, I am so glad Civita Park was built. This is such a gem of a playground. There are two brand new play spaces at this park. There are always plenty of kids here so I really like coming and having my kids make some new friends. In my experience, it’s never too busy which is nice too. The entire park is super beautiful and big, it’s really a nice place to go to. I do want to mention my two “issues” with this park, just so you have a heads up! The parking lot is quite small and usually filled unless you come first thing in the morning. There is street parking but it can be a far walk. Speaking of far walks, the park is up a hill so it does take around 5 minutes to get to from the parking lot. For some it’s no big deal, but pushing a double stroller up a hill makes it a workout! The highlight of this park for me is the free splash pad! It’s a great size and super fun. The splash pad is also right next to the street (but not too close, don’t worry!) so you don’t have to deal with the big hill I mentioned! There are several clean bathroom stations all around the park which is awesome!

Encinitas Community Park

I am super impressed with this playground, the entire park and the history of the community working together to make it happen! One of the best things about this playground in particular is that it has a big covering. This is so great especially on really hot summer days. I wish more playgrounds had it. This park has a skatepark and a huge open field area. Parking can be difficult here but it’s definitely worth a visit!

Best Playgrounds in San Diego

I hope you and your family have a great time at these best playgrounds in San Diego, and I hope to see you there some day! While you’re here, I’d to mention that I would love to photograph your family sometime! As a San Diego Family Photographer, I love helping you document your family in every phase of life! Family photography is my specialty and I strive to make every session of mine a truly fun and memorable experience. You won’t be faking smiles at our session! Family sessions with me are all inclusive and start at just $650. You can click here to view some of my family photography work, and click here to get in contact with me. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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