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Are you looking for a professional organizer in San Diego? Having an organized home can be life changing. Keeping your space clutter free helps you feel relaxed and comfortable in your space. Having a professional organizer can be extremely helpful if this task is difficult for you. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, hiring a professional organizer in San Diego is something you should definitely consider! For this post, I interviewed Marcela Timbó from, Timbo Organizing on how she started her professional organizing business in San Diego and tips for you starting this journey yourself!

Marcela Timbó went through life trying many jobs that never truly fulfilled her. Because of this, she was on the search for what was missing in her life, something that would allow her to achieve her full potential. Noticing a particular skill of organizing, a co-worker approached her and suggested Marcela should consider being a professional organizer. Everything clicked in that moment and thus begun Timbo Organizing.

Organizing Services

Marcela offers decluttering and home organizing services as well as unpacking after a move. She helps you unpack your boxes and set up your new home in a neatly organized manner. There is nothing better than settling into a new space where everything has a place and makes sense.

Why you should hire a professional organizer in San Diego

Marcela says: “I would say that there are 3 main reasons to hire a professional organizer:

  • When you lose control of everything you have, that’s when you realize everything around you is a big chaos and you don’t know how to gain control anymore or even how to start organizing.
  • You need someone to push you and motivate you to take action. A lot of people will procrastinate until they find somebody to help them do it.
  • You don’t need a “Pinterest perfect” organizing session. Some people tend to do accumulate so much in their homes, that sometimes all they need is to declutter. and that will do the job. Not every session needs to be all about the beautiful containers with beautiful labels. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to buy containers when they’re already investing in hiring an organizer. Trust me, just decluttering makes a huge difference in people’s lives. 

Marcelas favorite part of her job is seeing the transformation after a session is done. Theres a special sort of satisfaction that comes from an organized space. She also is so happy to be able to do what she loves. The whole process of helping others is very fulfilling.

The first steps of organizing

One of the first steps Marcela from Timbo Organizing does with her clients is declutter the space. She says, “You can’t really organize without first going through all of your stuff and deciding what deserves to stay and what doesn’t.”

Things you can do today to organize your home

Always ask yourself how often you use or wear something. This simple step will keep you from building clutter in your home. You should also make an effort to create and maintain good habits. Such as, clean after yourself, keep things where they belong, and so on. Pick a specific day of the week or a free time to organize. Start small. Choose for example, to organize a kitchen drawer. Get rid of things that are old, broken, that you barely use. Then put things alike and organize them neatly. That will build your confidence overtime. Small actions bring great results.

I hope this post has helped you learn of how much hiring a Professional Organizer in San Diego like Timbo Organizing can help you feel comfortable in your space! Not everyone has the organizing skill, (like me!) so hiring out this service can be a huge help.

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