5 San Diego Family Restaurants for Your Next Night Out!

Going out to eat is a great way to enjoy some special time with the entire family – and at the end of the night, someone else does the dishes! In a place as unique as San Diego, though, it’s a shame to get stuck in a rut of eating at the same restaurants over and over again. If you want to mix up your dining routine, check out one of these fabulous San Diego family restaurants

5 San Diego Family Restaurants with Family-Friendly Vibes & Delicious Food

Corvette Diner

The Corvette Diner is the ultimate retro experience wrapped up in a restaurant. Since opening its doors back in 1987, The Corvette Diner has been the place to go for a meal that’s an entire experience. It’s known for its waitresses in poodle skirts and 50s hairstyles, serving delicious diner classics like burgers, milkshakes, and French fries. 

As you’re digesting, you can check out the Gamer’s Garage Arcade, taking on over 60 games and earning tickets for prizes. It’s also an epic place for birthday parties if you need a venue for your next celebration! 

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Campfire believes in the specialness of gathering with friends and family around a cozy campfire. Their menu and design have drawn inspiration from California’s most beautiful coasts, mountains, forests, and desserts. These unique spaces “provide profoundly distinct flavors, context, and emotions, best captured by getting outside and setting up camp.” 

They have a kid’s menu that features comfortable classics like brisket, chicken, fish, and grilled cheese, appealing to simpler palates while still inspired by nature and camp. Their bright, open restaurant is welcoming and warm, feeling like a fabulous and trendy place to gather.

Farmer & the Seahorse

Farmer & the Seahorse offers a “casually sophisticated approach to farm-to-table dining.” Using local ingredients, the food on their menus tastes just as fresh as it looks, bright and colorful. It’s the perfect brunch, lunch, or happy hour spot for anyone looking for a place to unwind and indulge. 

This San Diego family restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating beneath shady umbrellas. Occasionally, you can catch live music as you sip and savor. There’s also some good green space nearby so little ones can stretch their legs or enjoy a lawn game with friends. 

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Park 101

Park 101 is a great space to gather with your favorite people and enjoy something special and delicious. Their multi-level, plaza-style complex offers tons of outdoor seating, including more casual patio furniture for lounging. They are kid-friendly and dog-friendly, so everyone can come along! 

People know Park 101 for their amazing barbecue (only on weekends and available until it sells out), events, and football watch parties. There’s always something new to try and new friends to make! 

Viewpoint Brewing Co.

Viewpoint Brewing Co. may have a variety of delicious and refreshing beers for grown-ups, but there is plenty for the whole family to enjoy. With a beautiful riverfront view, the restaurant has tons of indoor and outdoor seating. 

Their menu boasts plenty of tasty classics and new favorites and even has a kid’s menu for pickier eaters. The indoor vibes are pretty sleek and industrial, and outside, you can take in beautiful views and maybe even a gorgeous breeze. 

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San Diego Family Restaurants

These San Diego family restaurants have menus with something for everyone to enjoy and comfortable, family-friendly vibes. If you’re ready for a break from the kitchen tonight, give one a try! 

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