A Family Outing To The New Children’s Museum Of San Diego

San Diego’s art scene is vibrant, dynamic, and exciting – and it’s for everyone to enjoy! The New Children’s Museum in San Diego is a fun, welcoming, and inclusive space for kids and families to experience amazing artwork. There’s always something new to explore or see. Additionally, there are plenty of ways to get your hands a little dirty along the way! Check out what makes The New Children’s Museum a must-see for every family! 

About The New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum has a long, valued history in our community. Originally titled The Children’s Museum of San Diego, when it opened in La Jolla in 1983, it was a place for families to come together and explore. After a few other name and location changes, it became the New Children’s Museum in 2008. This change signified the organization’s new focus on “commissioning contemporary artists to create immersive art installations for children to explore.” This shift towards all things art and creativity has become the organization’s soul. Today, its mission is to spark creativity and a sense of belonging in every child who visits. 

Their facility is a stunning, multi-level building with over 50,000 square feet of space for creating, exploring, and appreciating art. It’s also one of the first green museums in California! 

A mom and dad stand in a field of tall golden grass at sunset while carrying and playing with their infant son and toddler son on their hips

Fun At The Museum

The New Children’s Museum is all about art. Throughout the museum are over a dozen extraordinary art installations, most of which encourage appreciation and interaction with a variety of senses. Some must-sees include the Whammock, a three-dimensional textile environment that resembles a giant hammock, and Teatro Piñata, an incredible space where visitors can explore the backstage of a traveling theatre caravan. Anyone who needs a little break from stimulation will love taking a moment in the breathing room, an inviting and sensory-friendly space that’s perfect for a break. 

A trip to The New Children’s Museum doesn’t just invite children to appreciate art. It gives them opportunities to experience the fun of creation with hands-on studios! Kids of all ages will love flexing their artistic skills in the clay studio and paint studio. Make your own creations or join in on a collaborative project to learn what makes working together as artists so fantastic! 

Kids ages six and up will also have a blast in the Museum’s Makerspace, which collaboratively engages local artists, architects, engineers, and others. Kids are invited to explore design challenges alongside their Creative Team. They encourage creative problem-solving and the use of important life skills.

A new mom kneels in a field of tall grass with her infant son in her lap wearing blue overalls at sunset after a visit to The New Children's Museum


In addition to its amazing art exhibits and studios, The New Children’s Museum also has an Arts Education Center with a cozy library nook where kids can read and learn. They have a huge collection of donated books that cover a range of subjects and reading levels for kids of all ages. 

Additionally, toddlers and their grown-ups will love attending facilitated toddler programming on Friday mornings! These gatherings support social play, movement, and healthy bodies and minds—storytime sessions, music and movement, science and nature, and of course, making art!

The New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum is an incredible space to learn, explore, and create! It’s fun for the whole family and a fabulous way to support our thriving arts community. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely time to check it out, and if you have been, there’s likely something new for you to explore! 

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