8 Locations for Kids Yoga in San Diego to Help With Focus

In a world full of screens and distractions, it’s the hardest it’s ever been to help kids learn how to focus, be present, and practice self-care. Yoga classes just for kids can be a great tool to help little ones learn the importance of caring for bodies and minds. Finding kids yoga in San Diego is much easier than you think; here’s a list to get you started!

8 Studios With Kids Yoga in San Diego Dedicated to Growth & Development

Hapa Yoga

Following a phase of perinatal mood disorder after becoming a mother, owner Tina Knight discovered a need for a family-oriented yoga studio. Today, Hapa Yoga offers yoga classes for kids and mommy & me classes, as well as prenatal classes and in-studio childcare (in addition to traditional yoga and fitness options!) 

If I Was A Bird Yoga For Kids In San Diego

If I Was a Bird Yoga studios are designed to help modern kids learn to breathe, connect, and be present. Your kids can learn to unplug with classes designed for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and family classes. Older kids and pre-teens can also take advantage of excellent aerial yoga classes! 

A mother and father dance, lift and play with their two young children on a beach at sunset after kids yoga san diego

Namaste Fitness

Namaste Fitness is family-owned by parents who believe in teaching kids to care for their bodies and minds. They have created a safe, family-friendly space where everyone can practice, regardless of age. Kids can take classes designed just for them, or you can join a class with your baby and practice together!

PierToPoint Wellness

PierToPoint Wellness is a beautiful, inclusive, and judgment-free yoga studio that values community, kindness, social justice, and unity. Kids ages four and up can join an aerial yoga class for a totally unique yoga experience! They’ll learn to laugh, flip, fly, and play, all while stretching their bodies and practicing being present in the moment. 


Asteya is a yoga studio designed to cultivate authentic connections, and their classes for kids are no different. Their kids’ classes introduce 5 points of empowerment: gratitude, affirmations, breath, movement, and stillness. Kids will find a sense of community and belonging while having fun and focusing on connectivity. 

A young boy in a blue shirt and jeans sits on a beach with an arm around his younger sister at sunset

Mello Yoga

Mello Yoga is all about nurturing yourself and your community, and they’ve created a space where everyone can take care of themselves. Their kid’s classes take advantage of kids’ flexibility and inhibition, encouraging them to express themselves while keeping focused fully. They’ll focus on breathing exercises and relaxation techniques while learning classic yoga poses, singing songs, and moving their bodies. 

Peace Love And Yoga

Peace Love And Yoga (or PLAY) invites everyone to come as they are and explore their sense of peace, vitality, and balance. Their kids’ yoga classes are playful and incorporate breathing exercises and lessons in self-expression. Participants will learn about the importance of positive thinking, all while picking up some important social skills.

A mom dances with her son on a beach while dad stands behind her lifting their young daughter over his head after kids yoga san diego

Yoga Rascals

Yoga Rascals offers classes for yogis of all ages but specializes in yoga classes for kids of all ages. Their after-school yoga programs at local elementary schools help kids stay healthy and focused. They are a true community-based program; you can often find their classes at libraries, community centers, and schools. 

Kids Yoga San Diego

There’s a reason there are so many places to find kids yoga in San Diego. It’s an important practice that can help kids learn patience, presence, and play while moving their bodies. If your little one has never tried yoga, now is a great time to start! 

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