Choosing a Location for Your Photo Session

Things to consider when choosing the perfect location for your portrait session

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to take your family photos. Luckily, you have a photo expert on your side to help you figure out the best place to fit your vision! Each of my clients will be provided with a location guide to some of my favorite places for photo sessions in both San Diego and Orange County. Southern California is blessed with such a variety of locations. As you’ll see in my work, I love photographing out in nature. I think that this makes the best artwork to hang on your walls after your photo session.

Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering where to schedule your family or couples session.

Thinking of Colors

What colors do you hope to see in your photos? Do you like a nice plain background? Do you like the orange cliffs that line the coastline? Do you want some greenery? Something also to consider is what you plan to wear to the session. (Don’t worry, all my clients are provided with an extensive styling guide as well! You will feel plenty prepared!) If you like the idea of trees and greenery in the back, a very neutral color pattern would look best here. Overall, I like a neutral color palette for most sessions. I find it photographs best, is often more flattering and its easier to coordinate. That being said, deep bold colors look amazing as a contrast against a big open field or a white sand beach.

Time of Year

San Diego and Orange County are understandably very popular during typical vacation times such as spring and summer break. For this reason, it makes beach locations more difficult to book! That’s not saying if you’re booking a session with me in July we can’t go to the beach, but I will advise you on which beaches are best for that time of year. While field locations are beautiful all times of year, if you want greenery or flowers there are only a few weeks out of the year we can find that. In the winter months of December-March, greenery can be hard to come by. Pro tip: something about the light in October – December is something special! Sunsets are spectacular and the beaches are still warm but not as crowded. Book ahead if you’re wanting to schedule a shoot then.

Outfit Style

Another thing to consider when choosing your location is what vibe or style you have in mind for your session. Do you like casual outfits or do you plan to dress up? My customized style guide will help you determine exactly what to wear but something up to you is how dressy or casual you’d like to look!

I hope this was helpful! Please don’t forget- I want this entire process to be enjoyable so I will be with you every step of the way! Feel free to reach out anytime for advice or questions.

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