3 Incredible San Diego Midwives

Planning your birth experience is an especially special journey. Creating your dream team is the first step to feeling confident as you head into this life changing event! When searching for a midwife you’ll want to have someone to additionally support you in many ways. You want someone especially knowledgeable, but also someone who respects you and your decisions. San Diego has some incredible medical care for all types of births.

As a San Diego family photographer I’ve worked with hundreds of moms who all have varied birth experiences. One thing everyone can agree on is the people surrounding and caring for you during your most vulnerable moments are extremely important!

If you’re looking for the right Midwife for your birth, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve done the research and found some incredible Midwives here in San Diego!

San Diego Midwives to be on Your Team

Karly Nuttall – San Diego Midwife

Karly Nuttall has been serving San Diego families as a licensed midwife since 2005 and offer Postpartum doula care, preconception care, PAPs, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). If you are looking for in-home services that will allow you to get the sleep, self care, nutrition and advice you need to fully heal from your birth and enjoy your postpartum experience then she might be the right Midwife for you! Her primary focus is the healing of the mother or birth parent. She is a full service provider and would be an amazing help for any new mom.

Brooke Ray, CNM, RN

Planning a home birth? You definitely should consider having Brooke Ray on your team! Brooke belives that how we are born is especially important. Depending on the circumstances, birth can be transformative or demoralizing. A calm and peaceful gestation and birth experience generally lays a foundation for a peaceful temperament. A gentle birth promotes bonding and sensitivity to others which has life-long consequences for the individuals involved, as well as for society. As a midwife, her goal is to support gentle and sane birth for the benefit of the newborn, the mother, the family and society as a whole. She has attended thousands of births and has a wealth of knowledge on how to help you through the entire process.

Hope Gunther CNM, MSN

Hope Gunther, MSN, is a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) who provides family-centered maternity care, along with well-woman care, family planning and other services. She delivers babies in our holistic, in-hospital birth center or in the traditional labor and delivery environment, depending on the desires and needs of her patients. She has a special interest in attachment parenting, breastfeeding and tandem nursing, and vegetarian pregnancy.

For me, birth was such an amazing experience! I hope that this list of incredible midwives in San Diego will help you feel like “I got this!” as you get ready to meet your little one!

This time undoubtedly goes by so quickly, book your maternity session with me so you can remember how incredible this season in life was! I reccomend booking your session between 32-36 weeks. Send me a message to get on my schedule!

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